My favourite not tested vegan cosmetics brands

I recently wrote an article about cosmetics for men.

I still can not finish writing articles about ladies’ cosmetics, as this will be a bit bigger article. I’ll probably divide it into more categories.

To begin with, I would like to introduce you and recommended my favourite brands of cosmetics not tested on animals. All brands have a Leaping Bunny certificate.

I think that in Slovakia it is quite a problem to get cosmetics with the Leaping bunny certificate. You can order them online, of course, but I prefer to buy cosmetics in stores. I’ve bought products online several times, and I did not even like it once.

I lived in England and there was no problem to get cruelty free vegan cosmetics in the stores. There are two large supermarkets that have their own cosmetics range that owns the Leaping bunny certificate. They are Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Many products are even vegan and are very affordable.


Superdrug is my favourite brand of cosmetics.

You can buy it in stores in England or online. When you make a trip to England, I recommend visiting Superdrug. It is affordable and really good. Thanks to this brand, all cosmetic products can be quickly and easily replaced with the Leaping bunny certified cosmetics.

You can buy several types of shampoos, conditioners and hair oils. They even have vegan hair colours, masks, and so on.

In terms of skin care, you can find different types of creams, whether daily, nightly, eye creams, wipes, micellar water, facial masks, body fragrances, peelings, serums…

In addition to body care, they also have their own range of medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, intimate care.


Manufaktura is a natural Czech cosmetics. Many products are vegan. Manufaktura has the Leaping bunny certificate. At present, they have more than 50 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Manufaktura has various collections of their products. They also have a wide range of men’s cosmetics. For example, soaps can only be found in a paper wrapper.

Their collections are, for example, beer, wine, leafy, rose, mint, apricot, scones etc.

I prefer their shower gels and soaps. I have tried BB cream too.


Certainly, each of you will recognize the Lush cosmetics. For Lush is typical their beautiful scent of the supermarket that draws you directly to the store.

Lush is a vegan cruelty-free cosmetics, which even thinks very ecologically and many products are zero waste. Lush has HCS certificate.

In Lush, you can find different kinds of shampoos, conditioners, bath bombs, creams, makeup, fragrances, etc.

In Lush, the products were packed into paper packaging. You can also buy a container that you can use again.

For a few months, I’ve been trying to be more ecological. In Lush, I bought a shampoo bar that saved the planet from a few plastics.

T H E   B O D Y   S H O P

The Body Shop was my first vegan cosmetics I started buying. The Body Shop has the Leaping bunny certificate. You can find a lot of quality products. They have a lot of decorative cosmetics, hair care products, skincare products and products for the body.

The only disadvantage of this brand is that it was owned by L’Oreal, which tests on animals. In 2017, The Body Shop began to be owned Natura.

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