10 ways how to be a vegan activist

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In today’s article, I want to give you some tips and advice on how to get started with vegan activism. Every vegan likes a different kind of activism, I’m not saying there is only one right way. Let everyone choose their path, which they consider to be the best.

1. Talk about veganism

Don’t be afraid to discuss and share the idea of veganism with people.

Start an Instagram page to share recipes or your vegan journey. You can positively influence a lot of people. Each one of us experienced a point that opened his eyes. Someone can be influenced by your posts and it will open their eyes.

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2. Join and help the vegan organization

There are a number of vegan organizations where you get to know people who think like you. These organizations have only one purpose – to show the truth to the public and fight for animal rights. Organizations often organize various events where you can come and promote a good thing.


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3. Take part in protests or other animal rights events

As long as social media and post sharing are not the right way for you, you can participate in various animal rights marches and protests.

In addition to the protests, there is a Cube of Truth organized by Anonymous for the Voiceless. The Cube of Truth is a static event where activists project images from animal factories and discuss it with people passing by.

Vigilys are events organized by animal rights activists. Activists meet in front of the slaughterhouse to raise awareness about the animals that die there every day.

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4. Write articles on the blog

Writing various articles on veganism on a blog is also a good way to show people the truth and to inspire someone to be vegan. Write about animals, share recipes, write about everything you find relevant about veganism.

You can create a blog on platforms that are for free – for example, Blogger. You don’t need to be able to program or be a graphic designer. You can continue to share your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

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5. Make podcasts

Podcasts are becoming popular. On your podcast, you can talk to other vegans and share their journey. You can discuss topics about veganism, activism, but also share news and your opinions. To record a podcast, you just need a microphone built into your computer.

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6. Make videos on Youtube / Instagram

Youtube and videos are becoming popular. If you like making videos, you can start a YouTube channel and spread the vegan message on it. On YouTube, you can shoot all the topics you are interested in.

If you don’t have the resources for expensive electronics, you can shoot videos on your phone and see later if you like it.

You can also share videos on Instagram or Facebook.

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7. Wear vegan t-shirts

Wear t-shirts or accessories with a vegan message. People can notice it and start thinking about veganism. I have a couple of t-shirts with a vegan sign. Thanks to these signs, people asked me questions about veganism.

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8. Support farm sanctuaries

If there is a farm sanctuary or an animal shelter near you, visit it. There you will see and understand how saved animals that escaped from death value life and how each one of them is capable of love and gratitude. If the sanctuary farm is not in your area, you can support it by sharing or by financial contributing.

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9. Reach local cafes and restaurants

Reach cafes and restaurants to add vegan options to their menu.

People may choose something else in a restaurant based on a vegan menu, which they will like and they may start cooking more vegan dishes at home or read more about veganism.


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10. Start a vegan business

There are many ways to start a vegan business. Whether you open your own bistro or sell your products on Etsy, it doesn’t matter! It can reach people and inspire someone to learn more about veganism and embark on this journey.


Tereza. 22 years old. Living in Denmark.


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