15 tips on how to be SUCCESSFUL on INSTAGRAM

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1. Have aesthetic feed, make sure you use one filter to all of your pictures and make sure they look good together. 🖼

2. Create highlights for more information about you and your business.✨

3. Use relevant hashtags.✔️

4. Write great captions – give your followers a reason to come back to your profile. 📲

5. Build a relationship with your followers – show them your personality via Instagram stories or live videos. 🗣

6. Make sure that your bio is easy to read and that you included all the information. 👀

7. Ask questions to boost engagements. 👥

8. Post regularly, be consistent and authentical. ✍🏻

9. Provide your followers value, information and entertainment. 🎊

10. Post when your users are active.⏰

11. Track your insights regularly. 📈

12. Work with influencers and have them tag you. ⭐️

13. Consider Instagram advertising. 📰

14. Create a content calendar – PLANOLY

15. Hang out on other accounts. 💭

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