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Instagram’s bio is important for the first impression. It should tell your followers who you are, what you do and the most important: how can you help them?🧐

On Instagram’s bio, you can only use 150 characters.😱

Is it possible to put there everything about your business and do not exceed those characters? Of course! It is! 📲

Here are some the dos and don’ts for your Instagram bio:



▪️Have a searchable name – your name should be recognizable. You can include your profession in your name.

▪️Switch to a business profile – you will get insights and access to other analytics to measure. A business profile can give your Instagram a category, you operate in.

▪️Fill out all the fields in the settings – website, e-mail, location, and phone number. You won’t have to fill it out in your bio later.

▪️Use keywords in your bio

▪️Use emojis to standout

▪️Use hashtags related to your business

▪️Mention, how can you help people

▪️If you are have opening hours, mention them

▪️If you want to include more link, try LinkTree – it is a free app, you can list more than one link

▪️Don’t forget about the call to action!



▪️Avoid numbers in your name

▪️Don’t use a selfie picture – use a professional picture or logo. The picture should be circular. Don’t forget to stay below 200×200.

▪️Avoid writing long sentences

▪️Try to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

▪️Do not copy others bio

▪️Proofread your bio before publishing it

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