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How to heal nasal spray addiction?

How did I heal my “addiction” to nasal sprays?😥

It may seem silly, but addiction to nasal sprays hunted me for more than 2 years. I couldn’t leave my house without a nasal spray, I was thinking that I may choke without it.👃🏻

Nasal sprays are addictive and very dangerous. Sprays contain chemicals that shrink congested blood vessels. Overuse of some common nasal decongestants can lower the blood pressure and pulse, causing weakness and dizziness, and even lead unsuspecting physicians to consider pacemaker surgery.🤕


During the day, I started diffusing essential oil Air mixed with Peppermint essential oil. Both oils help with cleaning airways and they support breathing.🌬
Then I started using a saline nasal spray made from sea salt instead of a typical nasal spray. After 2 weeks I can breathe easily!🌊

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