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Are you also bookaholic like me?
Since I was a little child, I enjoyed reading. The very first book I read was Harry Potter. Since then, I could not stop reading books. Through my teenage years, I switch from fantasy to self-development and books about spirituality.

The question is: is reading printed books sustainable? 🧐

I do not buy printed books anymore. I used to buy printed books when I lived in England in the charity shops. I bought my e-book reader more than 6 years ago and it is still functioning. 📱

Why are books made of paper? 📜
Since early ages, people used to write on leaves but as time passes we learnt how to make papers and since then all the books are made up of papers. Paper is made from trees and trees are a renewable crop. The question is, is reading printed books sustainable?🌳

Production of books and e-book readers:
Producing one book consumes two-kilowatt hours of fossil fuels and approximately 7.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide, for a total of 100 times fewer greenhouse gases than those caused by the production of one e-reader. Although their production requires resources, electronic books are kinder to the environment than print books. Creating an electronic book takes three times fewer raw materials than a print book and uses seven times less water.🤔

▪️Try to borrow books from your friend or library
▪️Buy second-hand books instead of new ones
▪️Sell your old books you do not need
▪️Swap books with friends
▪️Listen to audiobooks (I recommend Scribd)
▪️Make use of your e-book reader, do not switch for newest models
▪️Buy e-book reader from a second-hand shop
▪️Choose books made from recycled paper
▪️Choose eco-friendly publishers

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