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8 MORNING and EVENING journal prompts

Hello! As you may know, I love writing a different kind of journals and prompts in order to achieve deeper self-knowledge and for the purpose of self-development.


I decided to make my first journal prompts diary for everyday usage.

You can purchase my product at my Etsy store HERE.

  • This workbook serves as a tool for self-knowledge and self-development. 
  • Every day you have a chance to become a new person and achieve your goals. 
  • I want to help you to become a person you desire to be, therefore I created this workbook.
  • This workbook contains a total of 30 questions – 15 for the morning and 15 for the evening.




  1. What are my goals for today?
  2. What challenges will today bring me?
  3. What do I truly want today?
  4. What am I looking today forward to?



  1. What did I manage to achieve today?
  2. What makes me better today than yesterday?
  3. How can I be better tomorrow than I was today?
  4. What did I learn today?


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