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10 ways on how to increase SALES on INSTAGRAM

Instagram can help you form a personal connection with your audience. By sharing pictures and videos you can engage your audience and increase sales.


I will share with you 10 ways on how to increase sales on Instagram:

  1. Create a relationship with customers.
  2. Connect with your audience. Reply to their comments, ask them questions, DM them.
  3. Use stories to show your personality, products, sales, promotions.
  4. Have aesthetic feed with quality photos.
  5. Make sure your bio is informative and interesting.
  6. Use relevant hashtags. Consider creating your own hashtag.
  7. Avoid hard selling.
  8. Promote your products with creative and professional photos.
  9. Write action-driven and attractive captions.
  10. Repost photos from your customers and thank them for using your product.


What strategies are you using for increasing sales?

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