My name is Tereza. I am 22 years old. I’m from Slovakia, but I’m currently studying in Denmark in Kolding. After living and working 6 months in England, I decided to start my studies in Denmark in January 2019.

I created this blog to share my story with you from scratch. I would like to provide you with various informational articles about my life abroad from finding accommodation to hopefully successful graduation. I would also like to share my experiences, advice and tips, photos and much more with you.

There are many articles about Denmark on the internet, but most of them are from previous years, or people are in Denmark for a few semesters. I decided to create this blog so soon that I could write fresh insights and experiences from Denmark from the beginning of my stay.

Over time, however, I have decided that in addition to living in Denmark and studying, I will also post articles on veganism to my blog as well as more articles on my life. Apart from veganism, my life also includes business, ecology, minimalism, spirituality but also travelling. I believe everyone on this blog will find what interests him.